Scope are proud to be collaborating with five UK artists who have provided the designs and artwork for our products.

Jenny McGibbon

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Hi, I'm Jenny, a disabled designer and marketing graduate from Scotland. As a graphic designer I use a mix of visuals and ...  copy to translate how life with illness feels, particularly when it happens to you when you're young.

At 16 I found myself in and out of hospital almost weekly. I couldn't relate to anyone there, I was always the youngest person in the waiting room by several decades, and it became abundantly clear that nothing there was aimed at me.

Now in my mid-twenties, with a degree and a diploma under my belt, I'm determined to help make sure no young person feels like they're dealing with health issues alone.
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Michael Hanrahan aka Stigy

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My name is Michael (Stigy) a I’m disabled abstract artist from Twickenham. I attended an art and design access course at...  a West London college, This is where my passion for art was realised, I found that when I painted I could express myself for the first time without limitations.

I use few techniques, due to my disability, to create my pieces. I have an adapted helmet which I can attach my brushes and I bang it on a plank of wood to create my Jackson Pollock style. For more clean images I have an assistant place either tape or stencils on the canvas.

My inspiration is drawn from my experiences and emotions. For my pieces on the physical world, I will go out and take lots of photographs of my subject and upload the images onto a computer and pick out distinctive shapes and colours and apply these to canvas.
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Abi Stevens

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I'm Abi Stevens, an illustrator/maker based in Cambridge, UK. My illustration practice is greatly influenced by historical...  art forms such as illuminated manuscripts, coat of arms, and stained glass windows and I love incorporating elements of these into my modern, digital art style.

The end result is vibrantly colourful and detailed illustrations with a connection to our history and layers of narrative hidden within, as well as an emotive quality.

I am particularly drawn to subjects relating to mental health, chronic health, self-care, and social and cultural issues. I also enjoy working on fantastical and mythological subject matter.
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Kate Boyce

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Kate Boyce is a UK based artist and designer who is passionate about nature, colour, landscape and light. She uses paint, ...  photography, collage and print to construct mixed media original artwork.

The use of fragmented photographic elements aid her expression of the contrast between the wildness of nature and human imprint on the land.

Together with different types of paint application a layered effect is created which reveals the depth and life of a landscape.

Kate Boyce has exhibited throughout the UK and has undertaken domestic and corporate commissions both nationally internationally.
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Mahlia Amatina

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After being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2015, Mahlia was inspired to share the unique sensory experiences ...  of life on the autism spectrum through her art. Working around the theme of neurodiversity, Mahlia has transformed her signature style of abstract colourism into a unique, interactive, multi-sensory experience that invites viewers to engage on a level that works for them. Read more

Arthouse Unlimited

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ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a charity that represents a collective of artists living with complex neuro-diverse and physical ...  support needs. The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks which are developed into designer products for sale. All artwork derives from the skills each artist brings to the enterprise and every contribution holds real value.

Offering a sense of purpose lies at the heart of ARTHOUSE Unlimited’s philosophy in line with our belief that feeling truly respected improves health, happiness and well-being. We strive to challenge perceptions and to create better acceptance and inclusion for people living with neurodivergence and physical adversities.
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